Hi everyone,

The director of web series “Hitman101” entered us into the “Best International Series” category for The Streamy Awards.
They also have a fan vote that allows entrants with the most votes in a category they entered automatic nomination.
Which means we can bypass hoping the judges actually watch our entry.  We can control our own fate!

Voting is easy –

1) You need a Twitter account.  If you do not have one – http://twitter.com, it’s free and quick to join.

2) Click Here: http://badguyfilms.com/streamys – this is a widget that has the our fan entry ready to submit.

3) Click Submit – Enter your Twitter Info – Enter – Done!


Please help our series get some mass exposure at the Streamys!  Vote and share the widget link with your friends.

Thank you!

*voting ends Nov 30th.
**we will periodically post about it via the Bad Guy Films Facebook Page.