Credits 2011

*Interview shooting for owner of FarmBoy Fine Art 2011(makeup)
*Vancouver Fashion Week 2011(makeup)
*“Shades of Gray” A Self Preservation Production2011(makeup)-Director:Mauri Bernstein

*“Ambrosia”film June 2011 (Makeup)- Dir. Baharak  S. Monir

*“Staples inspired selling video”July 2011(Makeup)   – Dir. Sebastian Howard   

*“That’s More Like It” commercial video July 2011- Dir. Lynn Wee  

*“The Wedding Feast” short film July 2011- Dir. Dianne Dennis

*”Hitman 101″ the web series July 2011-Dir. Scott Staven/Bad Guy Films


*”Time for Change” commercial video Aug.2011-Dir. Lynn Wee

*”Payane for A Loat Prince” short film Aug. 2011-Dir. Samule Luk

*”Telus Instruction Video for Customers” Aug. 2011-Dir Kristen Riess

*”Gastown stories” short film Sept. 2011-Dir.Ramin A.

*”Puppetry” feature film Sept.2011-Dir. Jacob Peters

*”A hair on your hurt” short film Oct 2011-Dir.Young Cho

*”Meat & Potatoes” short film for 48 hours horror filmmaking challenge Oct 2011-Dir. Amelia Moses

* Vancouver Fashion Week  fall 2011(makeup)

*”Kayan” feature film Nov.2011-Dir. Maryam Najafi

*”Feed Breakfast” short film Nov. 2011-Dir. Athena Han

*”Session #112″ short film Dec 2011-Dir. Vincent Kuan Lin

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